SMFTM Singles- Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love

Forty ran from the window looking as the beam of light that the lead guy shot out of his hands arched toward the house.

“Dad they’re here. “  He barely had time to dive to the floor as the blast knocked out the wall he was just standing near sending debris raining down on him.  Nails and glass shards cut his arms and face as he attempted to shield himself from the worst of it.  His blonde hair quickly staining red and brown as the dust began to settle.  When he was sure there was nothing left to fall. He got up and slowly continued his journey down the hall.  He stopped briefly to examine the body of one of the housekeepers, Connie or Carolina he could never tell them apart neither spoke very good English or spoke to him much at all. But he was sad to see her lying there a wood beam acting as a broken dam for the red river currently escaping her head.  She wasn’t breathing, he was glad, he had heard they sometimes made the help suffer worse for choosing to stay.  Seeing her lying there he realized that he might have fared better if he had shared her fate in that initial blast.  But he kept going. ‘Only pussies wish for death to ease the pain. You’re a fighter so fight.  Get to dad.  Plan.  Call for help. Go.  She’s gone, staring at her isn’t going to bring her back. Go. Fight’ he took another couple seconds to mentally psych himself back up, then started running again.

Everyone always said this house was bigger than it had any right to be.  Nearly 8 of his 19 years had been spent calling this place home.  Learning all the stories these halls whispered at night.  But try as he might, he couldn’t recall a single thing about the house from before he had returned from school a week ago.  None of the doctors or the medics could understand what was wrong with him.  They poked and prodded and questioned and prodded some more.  Still no answers as to what was wrong with his memory or why it was selective as to what he could and could not remember. Sometimes a single moment in an otherwise whole conversation or an entire person would just be missing from his memory.  There was something else nagging at him, some secret about himself that he should know.  He thought for the first couple of days that maybe he was gay but he couldn’t bring himself to think that way about any guys and even when he convinced himself that he was gay he still felt that nagging sensation that he was missing some vital piece of himself.   He suspected his dad actually did know what happened to his memories but was either too ashamed or too scared to tell him the truth.

“…A falling star, fell from your heart…”  The lead guy sang as he stepped through the now gaping wall.  He smiled at the sound of glass crunching under his feet.  Armed men in suits rushed past Forty as he ran toward what he thought was safety.  The men rushed guns drawn to the trio of young men that now calmly advanced in the direction of Forty.

“Freeze or we’ll-“

“…you left me in the dark!..” The leader belted out.  Some of the armed men immediately grabbed their faces, hands covering eyes, or fingers splayed in front of them trying to hold onto what vision remained.  Others maintained their vision long enough to see their comrades reactions to the boys words and his smile as the trio began to march through the armed men.

“Johnson, Oh My God. You’re eyes are bleeding.”  One of the armed man said to his partner.

“I can’t see.  Everything is just black.”

“Don’t worry Johnson, you are one of the lucky ones.  It will wear off in a few hours and you will just be night blind.  It’s the guys who can still see who should worry.  My brother saw my eyes bleed.  We thought it was because he was stronger than I was.  Until he started screaming.  I thank God every day I never saw what actually happened.  I hadn’t fought off the poison they pumped into my system, when my powers flared like they will for you in a while, it made me pass out.  You won’t be so lucky.  Whatever happens to this guy is going to be the first thing you see.” The leader said resuming his progress down the hall.

“Here Potus, Potus, Potus.  Here boy.”  The lead boy taunted as he walked down the hall.

Forty reached his father’s office rushing past the guards that were blocking the entry.  He shut the door behind him as he entered.

“Dad they’re here!”

“Yeah I know.  I have an evacuation team coming for us now.  They should be here any second.”

“Why are they coming for us dad?”

“I don’t know son.”

“You shouldn’t lie dad!”  Forty said his voice draining of emotion.

“Carey?”  The President said questioning his son.   Gun fire erupted outside the door causing the President to flinch.   Forty remained immobile staring at him.   “Carey what is wrong with you?”

The sound of singing started to leak through as the clatter of bullets died down.

“…Thousand armies couldn’t keep me out.  I don’t want your money.  I don’t want your Crown.  See I’ve come to burn your Kingdom down…”

The extraction team showed up in the office with the First lady and three suitcases and immediately made preparations for the First family to be removed from the premises.

“… and no rivers and no lakes can put my fire out.  You raised the stakes so, I’m going to smoke you out…” The body of a guard was thrown the door creating a hole that the lead boy looked through at the President.

“Here’s Johnny!” The lead boy yelled.

The extraction team immediately grabbed the First Family and teleported out of the room but not before the lead boy could grab a hold of one of the extractions team members’ powers.

“Catch you later Forty, you two Mr. Forty-five.”  He smiled at them as they disappeared.

To Be Continued

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

-Manny L Birch


SMFTM Singles 9th Inning

9th Inning

Lee crawled to the top of the mound of dead bodies and surveyed the scene.  Spent bullet shells littered the ground like tree pollen.  His left arm hung limply at his side blood oozing from his shoulder.  The remnants of his blue button down shirt was stained purple and brown with blood and thicker bits.

Ford leaned over Chris tending to a gunshot wound in his left leg.  Lee and Ford made eye contact over Chris’ body, Ford nodded at Lee; Chris would live.  Not everyone would be so lucky or unlucky depending on whom you asked.   A person moved in the pile of bodies to Lee’s left.  He snapped his head over to look and made the body rise as he did so. His hair whipped around his head as he turned sending bits of carnage flying and giving him a wild almost feral look.

“Johnny, it’s me.  Johnny, please.”  It took Lee a moment to recognize the voice calling out to him.  The shock of the battle made his brain slow to process what he was seeing.   He slowly lowered the body back to the ground, while he ran over to tend to the person.

“Are you ok? Oh my God, I thought you were dead,” Tears began to stream down Lee’s grime covered face.

“I don’t know J.  I’m hurt bad.  But J they took Tommy and Jayson.”

“What? When?”

“One of the guys shot them with a tranquilizer I guess, grabbed them both and teleported out.  I think they thought I was already dead.  You were-” he stopped to cough and some blood came up with it.

“Ford, I need help. “

“I saw the missile coming this way, how did you stop it?”

“It was Donnie.  He saved us all.”

“This isn’t finished Johnny.  It’s not over.”

“I know.  It will be soon though,” The flames crept back into Lee’s eyes. His left eye burned with gray fire showcasing the last stages in his maturation.

“Johnny, who was i…Oh god!” Ford dropped to his knees by the body.

“Hey buddy,” the man said staring into Ford’s emerald colored eyes.

“Johnny fix him.  Johnny fix him now.  Johnny.  I need you to fix him.  PLEASE!”  Ford pleaded as his powers leaked out of his control.  Bodies began to hover around them; seemingly recreating the moments before they died.

“Ford I don-“

“Johnny please fix it!” They were both crying in earnest now.

“I don’t know how.  If Janet were still alive and here maybe but I don’t have that power and Ford there is nothing alive but us for a quarter mile.”

“What do you mean, there is nothing alive?”

“They nuked us.  Donnie’s gone.  There is nothing left of him but memories. They took my brother and Tommy to do God knows what to them.  They still have Jade, Keira and my son.  I had to crawl over… There is no one left to help us.  We need to grab these two and find a hospital or a healer and see if they can help.  But we need to leave.  His residual power is keeping the fallout from here but we need to leave this place.  I can feel it coming for us.”

“Go, I’ll stay with him until it’s over.”

“Fuck you.  Get up, let’s go.”

“Fuck you. Get the fuck away from me or so help me…”

“Ford go please.  Save my nephews.  Get them away from those people.  Please! For me,” Ford shook his head sending sweat and tears flying from his face.  He slowly got up and walked back over to where he had left Chris.

“Johnny, you once told me if we were friends the world wouldn’t come to an end.”

“Don’t please”

“You were never my friend Johnny.  You were my other brother.  I used to be a little jealous of you two together, until I realized you helped my brother find his own way.  I can’t ask this of my twin because he isn’t like us, he feels too deep, but Johnny kill them all.  Kill all the bastards that did this to us, that ruined our families.  Save everyone you can but you promise me you will make them pay,” Lee smiled down at his friend.

“They will learn quickly to fear the eyes that burn.”

“Thanks brother.  Now go.  Teach them fear.”


-Manny L Birch ( Author)

SMFTM Singles- Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back

“If I don’t make it back just run.  Promise me you’ll grab your mother and run.  Don’t look back. Don’t wait for me. Just go.  If you hear him try to hide.  Just go. Promise me.”

“I Promise dad.  I’ll keep her safe.”  The boy said staring up into his father’s eyes.

“No keep YOU safe.  They want boys like you. They will try to take YOU not your mother. If you can keep her safe too do it but if not you run. You hear me. Run.”  Those were the last words his father ever said to him.  They heard the screaming only moments before they heard the singing.  The three of them joined the horde of fleeing people crowding the street.  His mother’s blonde hair started to come out of her hair tie as she ran alongside his father.

The crowd of people began to come slow and try to reverse.  As they got closer to the front of the herd they could see that Greed was standing in their path with Lust at his side. People began to stream down the side streets in an attempt to avoid one of the Sins.  Greed simply smiled and let them rush past him.  The boy’s father guided them to the right following the smaller crowd.

“Remember what your father told you.”  His mother screamed over her shoulder as they ran full out up the once busy New York street.  The normal organized chaos of Times Square drowned was drowned out by the screaming.  They continued to run East hoping to the subway may provide some form of escape.

“Dad look out!”  The boy stopped short and turned the other way.  Sloth quietly stood next to a statue of  Whoppi Goldberg that was standing guard outside of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.   His father never had time to react to the warning.  Sloth raised his head and locked eyes with the boy’s father.  The boy’s father stood paralyzed.  The boy grabbed his mother’s arm and ran in the opposite direction.  The boy began to tire as they turned South on 8th avenue running down to 39th street.

They ducked into an adult book store to catch their breathe.  The boy saw others running down the street being steadily pursued by Greed and Lust.   His mother covered his ears as soon as Lust opened her mouth.   He had to pull his mother further into the store to avoid the pink beam that sliced through the side of the building.  They were both showered in debris.  A small beam fell on his arm and he lost feeling in his left hand.  Videos from a top shelf fell onto his them cutting his mother on the forehead.

He crawled out of the debris to check the street.  He found it clear of all but a few people now running north.  He went back and grabbed his mother and they began to run north as well. He cradled his arm to himself as he ran, the numbness had worn away leaving only pain in its wake.   His mother hair completely free of its constraints ran clutching the bag she had all of their most prized possessions in.   That was when they heard the singing.

“All you have to do is run.  Just promise me you’ll run.”  Wrath sang as he strolled up the block to music only he and his victims could hear.   “If I should claim a victim….” People fell to their knees before him frozen in fear unable to continue.  Tears streaming down their faces.  “I pray that you’ll forgive me.” The boy looked back.  Wrath was no longer on the street the boy could no longer hear the singing.

“I told you not to look back right.”  Wrath said with a chuckle as he sat atop the street light above the boy.  The boy shook with fear and then his mother grabbed him the arm and began to pull him along again.  His eyes began to glaze, his vision blurred then …

All I saw was blonde hair and a hand bag swinging as she screamed past me.  She was joined by two other women screaming for help.  They ran so fiercely that instinct took over and I joined them.

Don’t Look Back by Miguel

Leads directly into a scene from the MisEducation of A Minor.

-Manny L. Birch (Aspiring Author)