So it’s about that time, I am in the proofing stage of Book 2 and I am currently working on creating a cover for the book. I have had several ideas floating in my head, but then I decided to go be a over achiever and google photo editing websites and software. The one I found ,, is kinda my new bestie.  So I will post the top four contestants for the Pandemonium Jusitified cover.  I would absolutely LOVE/NEED feedback on which is the fan favorite. My family has already weighed in but I would also like an outside opinion.  Please and thank you.  ImageImageImageImageb


Sneak Peak

Since I don’t have any singles to release i figured i would release an actual completed chapter from the second book.  It may be a little spoiler-y but nothing too significant.  

IV Tell Me A Lie                                  

 “Yo, who is that guy in dad’s office?” Jayson asked.

“Some scientist; he is doing research on power development and some other stuff.  He is supposedly a huge deal,” Brian responded.

“Well, how does he know dad and us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he acted as if he knew who I was.”

“I don’t know.  Maybe him and dad have met before and he met you and you just don’t remember it.”

“No, that’s not it.  This felt different.  Go ask your brother,” he said as he let his hair out of the tie holding it back. 

“If you want to know, you ask him.”

“No, if I ask him, he is gonna tell me some crap I don’t really want to know.  If you ask him, you will filter out all the extra shenanigans that I don’t really want to know.”

“Well, guess what?  I don’t really care who this guy is.  So you have two options bro, you go ask your twin yourself or you don’t find out the answer.”

“God you are so useless. Why do we keep you?”

“You know, I think he said the same exact thing to me a few months ago.  Just think, in a few months you two may not be the world’s worst twins anymore.”


“Off you go.  I’m sure you can find him.”

“You know when he does tell me something I didn’t want to know, I’m not gonna tell you.  And then you will be the last to know again.”  He pulled his bushy afro back into a pony tail and then brushed a few stray strands of hair off his blazer. 

“And I’ll cry for a little while and get over it.  So get going J.”                                                  

            Jayson opened the door to Lee’s room and walked right in to find Lee, Ford and Mouse going over the words to ‘Crazy in Love’.

“Yo, I need to ask you a question,” Jayson shouted over to Lee.  Lee looked up from his computer and over at Jayson then back to Ford.

“We really have become the student lounge.  What do you need?”

“Who was that guy with dad today?  I don’t know why, but I just knew you knew and I couldn’t read it off you.  You were guarding it.  So I knew it was pretty intense.  I honestly tried to get Brian to come here instead because I know you are gonna drop some bomb on me and then go about the rest of your day as if nothing even happened.”

“Well, ok.  Boom.  He is… considering our conversation in San Francisco, probably the milk man.  Hell, he might even be our step-dad.  I’m pretty sure they weren’t married, but who knows, I have a twin brother.  Mom clearly wasn’t disturbed by keeping secrets.”

“Finally,” Jayson said with an exhale. 


“You didn’t pretend not to care.  You didn’t laugh it off.  You reacted to it.  And I mean way more subdued than I can manage yet, but I definitely felt that anger course through you.  And honestly, seeing you angry is good for my soul.”

“Well, always glad to heal your soul.” 

“So, how long was he with mom?”

“Like forever, I’m not really sure.  I met him when I was like 4 but I’m pretty sure him and mom were dating a little while before I met him.”

“Oh.  So, did he live with you guys?”

“Not really.  Okay, long story short, because I have to get to the music room then we are going out tonight ‘cus it’s this kid’s birthday; he raised me.  I have his last name.  The only reason I don’t call him dad is because him and mom told me not to.” 

“Everything the Doc taught you, Dr. Steve taught me.  He has been there for most of my stuff, like shows and crap.  He is a research scientist though, so he goes away a lot.  He was in Africa, I think it was Africa, when mom died.  And he has been all over the world studying mutants.  The only reason I’m still here with you guys is because he told me I needed to stay and get to know you guys and that he had already paid tuition.   But he is a good guy and he will probably try to get to know you pretty soon.  He is funny and I think I got my sense of humor from him, take that how you want to.  But we gotta jet now so if you have any further questions hit me up tonight.”

“So wait, does my dad know?”

“Know what?”

“About your relationship with this guy?”

“You remember when I asked him who my dad was and he called me an idiot?  Yeah, he knows,” Lee concluded as he left the room. 

Pandemonium Justifed

Since I am in the middle of trying to complete this new book i figured I needed to drop something fun to keep people interested in the blog.  Especially since the singles have slowed to a bit of a halt right now.  So i figured I would give a current chapter list.   Feel free to comment on the chapters titles likes dislikes.  I think i am about a third of the way done with the creation portion of the process.  I’m still aiming for a march release so i think i am doing pretty well so far.  

I. Please Don’t Stop The Music. 

II. What You Think About That. 

III. The Scientist. 

IV. Dance with My Father. 

V Ease off the Liquor. 

VI Comes Around.. 

VII. Feedback. 

VIII I Dreamed a Dream…

IX Back In Time.

X Who is She 2 U.