National Poetry Wrting Month

So because I don’t have enough to do. (running from actual work) I have decided to attempt to participate in National Poetry Writing Month, which requires a poem for every day of April.  Well Since it is the 5th I will try to get one on here from now on.  And so on to the first bit of flash poetry.  PS.  Poetry is not my preferred medium.  So a bit of light fair to set us off..

Aude to MsWord

The saddest thing about today is that my word processor is expired.

really microsoft that’s where we are now. you’re fired.

I know Mr. Trump I owe you some money 

but really just listen cus this just ain’t funny.

I’d cry but my eyes are set to write and  read

and teary eyes will just affect the deed.  

So I guess its time to bust out the pad.

Pen and paper ugh am i my granddad?