Progress Update

So last week I ran into all sorts of problems while working on Pandemonium Justified.  It was a bit of a blessing wrapped in a dirty diaper.  I came to an unexpected place in my plot that is still causing me problems about how to move forward.  Now that was the dirty diaper and I am still working out how to clean said diaper but the blessing was finding out about all the legal ramifications of have your main character actually Sing lyrics from actual songs. That prompted a small (read glasses tossing, hair pulling cinnabon craving) melt down.But as I get a little more removed from the problem and think more about the solution Problem B because a little easier to manage.  I realize that the Big Scary of writing full catchy songs is like the Monster at the end of the ‘Fear Itself’ episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Meaning the thought of it is way scarier than the physical.  I don’t need to create full scale songs.  Just enough for a quote and to use it as source material.  Since I’m not performing any of these songs the melody doesnt even matter.  What does matter is me getting these ideas written down so that i can move on with them and have a collection of them for me to pull from.  Just having a record that these ideas came from me is the most important thing for me because it allows me to ‘step on’ the monster that iscausing me this weeks problems and move on to the Big Bad of plot issues.  So currently, I am just editing and working on songs and trying to focus on getting The MisEducation to the widest audience possible.  Got some great information about selling in Indie Book Stores as well as working my way into the major retailers like Barnes and Nobles. Go Team  I am going to post all of my current song portions soon.