Hi my name is. ..

hi my Name is

A god among Ants

A Beast to these boys

A Scourge to weak men

A threat to their ploys.

Hidden among the lines of Lies

hides the the real, the great surprise

That I am everywhere and no where

rarely heard but often seen

Carefully worded by the clubs and hearts behind the scenes

Note how I flow, keep count with my time

But ready or not its my time to Shine.

Some thump me as gospel others spout me as science

But I cross all bounds I form no alliance.

Some whisper in corners

Some shout there defiance

But even Popes know

When to say our pants are on fire.

Time and place are my binders.

Many claim to be my finders.

But most avoid me like race horses trapped behind blinders.
You know who I am.

And you know why I came.

But just like Debbie Allen

You will Remember my name.


Poems My Brother Wrote- Apollo’s Serenade

apolloIf nature’s first green is gold and warm smiles are never cold and secrets are meant to hold then tears of the fallen you will behold.

If innocence is lost a day too late and bad times show up just after the break and laughter is the reason that you notice the hate then embrace the fame given by the fickle Ms. Fate.

Cus last night’s long gone and tomorrow’s just born but today is the day that we bounce to your Song.

So sing my lyoung Son and dance th rough the hurt cus Victory has spoken and consigned your worth.  .

So Roar to the heavens and shout at the crowd cus the tears you shed now wipe the dirt from your brow.

Last piece of advice to give those still broken no hell is forever so keep walking ,keep going.

Time heals all and Coldplay cures ills but  Green Lantern said it best. All you need is the Will.

Poems My Brother Wrote- European

I wake in terror.  Unseeing, unknowing.  My body tenses I pray I can make it to salvation.  I slip as I begin my mad dash to safety.  I have run this path before but today it seems much longer, harsher, darker.  I pray there are no new obstacles in my path to glory.  After a lengthy journey i reach my destination and the salvation I seek.  Slowly I return back to my cocoon in search of my lost sight knowing dreams will not return.  But at least I made it to that extreme destination known as ‘The Bathroom’.

-Manny L. Birch

Poems my Brother Wrote- Amble

The amble to this preamble is issue of this address.

i come to you under cover in darkness and in distress.

I cry for the moment when there will be relief from the stress

But i march everyday head high like the rest.

The preamble to this amble may get lost in the void

but who cares ‘I’m the man’ is the rally cry of the boy.

Beyond Disney and Nick this is a sad cold place

So I throw on some Missy and rock out to the bass

Cus the amble to this Preamble is just a line by a guy

Forgot which is which but I know I’ll get by.

No meaning in this just some lines an aside.

Now that I ambled was I able, you decide.

-Manny L. Birch(Author)

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