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FALLEN(Descendant Saga #1) By James Somers

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Pay It Forward- No

                Fallen by James Somers is an interesting concept that does not quite pan out to an interesting book.  Its religious themes are quite heavy handed and often take away from the plot.  I found that the pacing of the novel was incredibly erratic and often fluctuated between slow and clunky and smart and easy.  The novel starts off with a first chapter that has exactly zero impact on the plot.  It is never mentioned again and I still cannot find a reason for its inclusion into the book. 

                The main character starts the novel behaving as if he is a small child only to reveal that he is in fact an adult.  It is even more jarring because the novel is set in the 1800’s, a time when an 18 year old man either would have already been married or since this is a heavily religious book, in Seminary.  However, he is neither.  He is a little boy that needs to hide inside his father coats when anything significant happens.

                His father is murdered by chapter two, the only reason I mention this now is because it doesn’t seem to matter to the plot at all.  Which is crazy to me that something so significant in such an untested characters life merits a half page of grieving.  Instead of grieving his father he embarks on religious bender about how he should feel about God’s choice.  His father’s death comes up maybe 1 more time in the entire story and he treats it as if his death took place years ago instead of days ago 

                He forms a relationship with a thief, who despite them both being straight males feels way more romantic rather than bromantic.  They formed a bond that nearly costs them both their lives after a day. The thief gives up his place in the hierarchy of thieves and the children of the ‘fallen’ in order to save his new ‘friend’.  After only two days.  The speed at which they develop an attachment to each other and the type and level of attachment is just way too intense for new platonic friends. 

                The novel continues from here with a series of events that loosely fit together to form a coherent ending.  Once you are able to ignore those major issues the rest of the novel flows pretty well.  It ends on a cliffhanger that is quite interesting but completely out of left field. 

                I can understand how some people would read this book and find it an engaging and uplifting work but I am unfortunately not one of them.  I wish Mr. Somers the best with the rest of his series but I do not think that I will continue to read. 

As always Comments welcome.  I know this one was a little harsh but I really felt strongly about it.  

-Manny L. Birch 



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