Squirrel. Shiny. Oooh. Nap. Squirrel

Literally I want to post some positive news on any creative front but I have been so creatively everywhere that I can’t seem to focus on one avenue long enough to feel like I have made any headway.  I know I can’t be alone in my lack of focus during my creative surges but I have nothing to offer on how to get to that DaVinci Point. That spot where you can this burst of inspiration in every direction that you can look and can ride the wave long enough to harness and hone the magic that you wanted to share.  I feel like, I’m fighting too many people, Time, other artists racing to the same goal, the guy between what I Imagine and what I present and the guy who’s worried about how any of this can get done when there is so much missing from so much to do and so little time but more time than it should be has passed.  And rambling spiral of counterproductive thoughts.  So I open this up to any suggestions on how to control and manage all the different waves I think I need to ride.  Plus the Business guy is trying to figure out how to protect and profit from all this and so the Artist guy stops doing what he is doing to give that other guy a chance to figure out the details.  But then the rambling spiral of counter productivity says that plan or that phrase or that move is not quite what it should be and you aren’t sure what it should be but you need to stop doing what you are doing in order to figure it out.  So with that said here’s an update.  Book 3 exists.  Several chapters have seen my first edit.  Music is being written.  Ideas for music videos and tv shows are fleshing themselves out and I started writing a couple scenes of a test script.  Well without formatting.  I’ve got a bunch of poems from Poetry Month and I’ve written a chapter or two from several new projects.  So there has been work.  Still No Official title for Book 3 and still working on cover art.  When those are ready I will post them here with the proper copyrighting and what not on everything.  As well as a sneak peak at some of the new stuff.  Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you .  Manny L.


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