Poems My Brother Wrote- Apollo’s Serenade

apolloIf nature’s first green is gold and warm smiles are never cold and secrets are meant to hold then tears of the fallen you will behold.

If innocence is lost a day too late and bad times show up just after the break and laughter is the reason that you notice the hate then embrace the fame given by the fickle Ms. Fate.

Cus last night’s long gone and tomorrow’s just born but today is the day that we bounce to your Song.

So sing my lyoung Son and dance th rough the hurt cus Victory has spoken and consigned your worth.  .

So Roar to the heavens and shout at the crowd cus the tears you shed now wipe the dirt from your brow.

Last piece of advice to give those still broken no hell is forever so keep walking ,keep going.

Time heals all and Coldplay cures ills but  Green Lantern said it best. All you need is the Will.


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