SMFTM Singles-Me Myself and I

          II. Me, Myself And I

“…I’m from that T dot, eff up yo spot.  Trick i’m hot hahahahot…” Apex sang as he did a little dance as he walked toward the oncoming soldiers and Jay.

“You know he is Beyonce in this and not you right.” Gianni said appearing in a tree above where Apex was.  “And here I thought you were so scary but you’re a hack.  This kid kicked your ass all over this damn park and you got a lucky shot in.”

“Well come fight me yourself Lust.” Apex said focusing his power on the tree Gianni was sitting in.  Gianni laughed.

“Well, you are a hack with a couple powers that I don’t have and I am smarter than your average bear and twink for that matter. So I will continue to train the kid so he can do us all a favor in a few years.  I think I will also start playing shadow for him…”  Just then the tree exploded sending shrapnel flying towards Apex.  He shielded himself from most of it and the rest flew past and landed on the ground behind him.  Jay stood behind the tree power oozing from his fingertips.  Gianni was nowhere to be seen.  Apex went back to bouncing and singing his song.

“…hahahahot. This mine out here claiming this rock… Little fag.  Who gets to break the news to his husband? Oooh pick me, pick me” He laughed to himself as he started walking away.  Jay turned a 360 survey the land and then caught up with Apex who had started singing again.

“…don’t forget it little misses, this his shit fall back Apex… I thought I would switch it up a little bit for you.  You really thought you were going to get rid of me that easy.   You forgot already …I’m from the t-dot, eff up yo spot… oh and Apex, I just might have to whoop your ass myself to show you what happens when you cross this fag.  But don’t worry it’s not today.  I have to go take care of our boy.  We will meet again Apex and next time I won’t be so friendly.”

“Find him now!” Apex roared as the soldiers began to scurry around the park.

-Me, Myself and I- Beyonce

-Manny L. Birch(author)


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