Pandemonium Justified Published

HUZZAH.  its officially official, I can go back to doing other things with my life for the next 5 minutes lol.  I can tend my farm on facebook, I can get caught up on all the tv i missed (Spartacus I’m looking at you guy), I can figure out how to properly format a damn book cover so I don’t have to sped 6 hours tearing my hair out next time.(my lack of knowledge on the subject is one of the reasons The MisEducation has such a stark cover lol) But Pandemonium Justified (book 2 in the Songs My Father Taught Me series was just released as an ebook on  Here is the link ( Thanks to everyone who helped me accomplish this goal of mine.  I realize now how much work this actually was in such a short amount of time but I also realize how much passion I have for this.  I didn’t realize I was working as hard as I was until I got to the cover and was out of my comfort zone.  Special thanks to my editors and marketing/support team they really helped me get everything done and polished.  I feel all professional now.  lol. New singles likely to be on the way now that I am not splitting my focus between three pieces.  Book 3 is already in Production and you can find a sneak peek at the end of Pandemonium Justified.  And a new novella. still unsure of the title, is underway as well. Actually I’d say that one is about 1/5 completed.  Trying to keep it short.  

-Manny L.Birch


SMFTM Singles- Beemer Benz or Bentley

Beemer Benz or Bentley

“…I’m Fresh, I’m fly, I’m…” Lee looked over to see his father eyeing him in the rearview mirror. “…with this guy.  Bout to have all them horses courtesy of that guy…” he sang from the back seat Ford sitting next to him laughing out the window.  Paolo was enjoying the comforts of the passenger seat.  Steve winked over at his brother as he noticed Lee’s eyes perk up as they drove past the Mercedes dealership. 

“…whether Beemer, Benz or Bentley, I be moving I be moving, making movies Tom Cruising, If its action then I’m shooting, papa cosigned that wit uncle Paolo out here cruising, my car fox dot com connect told me Mexicans brought that new ish. and you know I’m bout to get it so let’s go introduce him, got a girl wit a car but its time to get  a new chick, got a black chick that love music and a red head on her Lucy, gotta watch her cus she special call me Ricky trick is stupid. But she always ready to give me that Becky. Last line was so good Ford had to grab his belly…”  Ford burst out laughing in earnest in the back seat.  Tears began to stream down his face.  Paolo chuckled in the passenger seat as well. 

“You know your father used to do that too when we were young.  But back then the guys rapped a lot slower.  I don’t know if he could keep up with you at this point.  You got some skills kid.  We may have to put yo ass out on the corner make you earn your keep. “

“I’m not a slut. I’m not a slut.” As they stopped at the light in front of the BMW dealer.

“…Roxanne…” Ford sang from beside him.   

“I got him Paolo. Bring that beat back,” Steve said chuckling to himself.   Paolo pressed skip on the cd changer and the same beat came back on a little slower.  “…Nissan Honda Chevy, Nissan Honda Chevy, Nissan Honda Chevy one of these is what you getting.    In a hoopty that’s for certain. My pockets who I’m serving.  Been driving, l mean swerving public menace put some work in.  No you boys will not be flirting, don’t cry daddy did us dirty.  So when you go see a girl park up the block or walk in person…”

“…Nissan Honda Chevy…”  Paolo laughed out loud as he turned and slapped Lee on the leg.

“…Beemer Benz or Bentley hell no you broke. ..”  Steve finished as they pulled into Nissan dealership. 


To Be Continued   

Beemer Benz or Bentley- Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana

Nissan Honda Chevy-Joelle Ortiz

-Manny L Birch

SMFTM Singles-Me Myself and I

          II. Me, Myself And I

“…I’m from that T dot, eff up yo spot.  Trick i’m hot hahahahot…” Apex sang as he did a little dance as he walked toward the oncoming soldiers and Jay.

“You know he is Beyonce in this and not you right.” Gianni said appearing in a tree above where Apex was.  “And here I thought you were so scary but you’re a hack.  This kid kicked your ass all over this damn park and you got a lucky shot in.”

“Well come fight me yourself Lust.” Apex said focusing his power on the tree Gianni was sitting in.  Gianni laughed.

“Well, you are a hack with a couple powers that I don’t have and I am smarter than your average bear and twink for that matter. So I will continue to train the kid so he can do us all a favor in a few years.  I think I will also start playing shadow for him…”  Just then the tree exploded sending shrapnel flying towards Apex.  He shielded himself from most of it and the rest flew past and landed on the ground behind him.  Jay stood behind the tree power oozing from his fingertips.  Gianni was nowhere to be seen.  Apex went back to bouncing and singing his song.

“…hahahahot. This mine out here claiming this rock… Little fag.  Who gets to break the news to his husband? Oooh pick me, pick me” He laughed to himself as he started walking away.  Jay turned a 360 survey the land and then caught up with Apex who had started singing again.

“…don’t forget it little misses, this his shit fall back Apex… I thought I would switch it up a little bit for you.  You really thought you were going to get rid of me that easy.   You forgot already …I’m from the t-dot, eff up yo spot… oh and Apex, I just might have to whoop your ass myself to show you what happens when you cross this fag.  But don’t worry it’s not today.  I have to go take care of our boy.  We will meet again Apex and next time I won’t be so friendly.”

“Find him now!” Apex roared as the soldiers began to scurry around the park.

-Me, Myself and I- Beyonce

-Manny L. Birch(author)

So it’s about that time, I am in the proofing stage of Book 2 and I am currently working on creating a cover for the book. I have had several ideas floating in my head, but then I decided to go be a over achiever and google photo editing websites and software. The one I found ,, is kinda my new bestie.  So I will post the top four contestants for the Pandemonium Jusitified cover.  I would absolutely LOVE/NEED feedback on which is the fan favorite. My family has already weighed in but I would also like an outside opinion.  Please and thank you.  ImageImageImageImageb

Poems My Brother Wrote- European

I wake in terror.  Unseeing, unknowing.  My body tenses I pray I can make it to salvation.  I slip as I begin my mad dash to safety.  I have run this path before but today it seems much longer, harsher, darker.  I pray there are no new obstacles in my path to glory.  After a lengthy journey i reach my destination and the salvation I seek.  Slowly I return back to my cocoon in search of my lost sight knowing dreams will not return.  But at least I made it to that extreme destination known as ‘The Bathroom’.

-Manny L. Birch

Poems my Brother Wrote- Amble

The amble to this preamble is issue of this address.

i come to you under cover in darkness and in distress.

I cry for the moment when there will be relief from the stress

But i march everyday head high like the rest.

The preamble to this amble may get lost in the void

but who cares ‘I’m the man’ is the rally cry of the boy.

Beyond Disney and Nick this is a sad cold place

So I throw on some Missy and rock out to the bass

Cus the amble to this Preamble is just a line by a guy

Forgot which is which but I know I’ll get by.

No meaning in this just some lines an aside.

Now that I ambled was I able, you decide.

-Manny L. Birch(Author)

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