Chapter List Update

Almost done with Pandemonium Justified.  A few more chapters and I am officially in Edit mode.  Was supposed to have happened a bit earlier in the month but Life happened hard Core.  So here is an update of the chapter list as it stands so far.

Book Two Pandemonium Justified
Prologue: Number Four
I. Please Don’t Stop The Music
II. What You Think About That
III. The Scientist
IV. Tell Me A Lie
V. Father of Mine
VI Ease off the Liquor
VII Comes Around
VIII. Feedback
IX I Dreamed a Dream
X Back In Time
XI Who is She 2 U
XII. Justify My Thug

XIII. The Show Goes On

XIV. Monster

XV. Put You On Game 

XVII. Daydreamin’
XVIII. Seven Devils
XIX. Ironic
XX. Keep Singing My Song
XXI. Graduation Day
XXII. One of the Boys
XXIII. He’s The Wizard
XXVII. Carmen 


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