Snow day Ramblings

So I am finally taking the time to attempt to update most if not all of my social media sites with new content today.  I know i’ve been really lapse with updating thus far and that is purely the fault of life. lol.  School and what not have conspired to keep me busy beyond belief.  I really technically don’t even have the time for this but well whatever.  So I have been riding the train a whole lot more as of late than i used to so I have also been reading a lot.  It takes forever to get home at night on these crappy MTA(iWe’re trying to fix the problem that we caused but we are going to raise the price and screw with your metrocard) trains. Since I am reading like a beast and I have this blog and I am almost completely finished with Pandemonium Justified. I have decided to include a new heading for my blog.  I’m calling it Books My Uncle Read.  They are going to be reviews of (mostly) indie authors books that I have come across.  I know how important reviews are for indie authors and I know how hard they are to get so I figured why not provide a helpful resource to others.  I also try not to put my true feelings on their Amazon page because that is screwing with peoples money and If I am the only one who thinks the book is awful but you listen to my opinion and choose not to buy the book i would feel bad.  However, i have seen a book whose reviews were all glowing and positive and I thought the book was complete TRASH.  So I will be posting My honest opinions on these books.  So look out for Books My Uncle Read, SMFTM Singles, as well as Pandemonium Justified Updates and Sneak Peeks.  Thanks

-Manny L Birch 


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