Books My Uncle Read

So this is the explanation page to my new blog. I decided that it would be smart to give a brief explanation as to the format of my reviews.  So here is the format.  I am going to use my book as the example.

The MisEducation of A Minor (Songs My Father Taught Me #1) by Manny L. Birch

Amazon List Price $5.99

Average Customer Rating 5 stars(rocking out lol)

Nice Guy Rating n/a but 5 stars

Books My Uncle Read (BMUR) rating n/a but 5 stars

Pay it Forward (will i recommend it to others)- Yes (clearly)

Review text goes here.   

So there you have it folks.  This is how a review will look.  First review should be up later today.  Second to follow soon after that.  As always comments welcome.  

-Manny L. BIrch 


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