Cover Comparison

So I am in the process of creating new cover art for my book. The MisEducation of A Minor. THe cover I had on their before was in my opinion a very neat, clean and striking cover that came about at the last minute as I was attempting to publish and realized that you need a cover for your book.  So during my initial days of publishing,, I reached out to other authors for advice on how to better promote and sell my book.  I was met with a chorus of you’re cover doesn’t fit your genre.  It is too plain, too clean too neat.  So after the initial excitement of publishing wore off, I sat down and had to evaluate the what now of distributing.  So i have been striving to heed the advice of others and I contacted an artist friend and asked if she could help draw a new cover. She agreed and so with her help I now have the first draft of my new cover completed.  It is still rather neat and clean but it does give a little insight into the book. I am posting both covers so I can get feedback on how they compare.  Please keep in mind I am still in the drafting stage of the cover and there are still slight tweaks that I will be making to the image but this is essentially what it is so Comments welcome.  ImageImage


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