Updated Chapter List.

I am about Halfway through book 2 Pandemonium Justified at this point.  It is definitely taking some turns I did not expect when I started writing but I am happy with the general direction of the series so far.  I have definitely started diving deeper into some characters that almost seemed throw away or random in the first book.  However, I never realized how difficult it is to write a new world/  I’ve realized that the further you go from reality the easier the rules are to justify.  My world is rather close to reality so I find myself having to refer to Google quite a bit to make sure the things I am claiming are plausible.  It feels good though to have a friend ask me about something and be able to explain the science behind some of the events.  So here is my updated Chapter List.  so far. Note titles subject to change.  

Book Two Pandemonium Justified

I. Please Don’t Stop The Music. 

II. What You Think About That. 

III. The Scientist. 

IV. Tell Me A Lie. 

V. Father of Mine. 

VI Ease off the Liquor. 

VII Comes Around.. 

VIII. Feedback. 

IX I Dreamed a Dream… 

X Back In Time. 

XI Who is She 2 U.. 

XII. Justify My Thug. 

XIII. The Show Goes On.. 

XIV. Monster. 


XVI. Fighter. 

XVII. Keep On Singing My Song. 


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