Amazon Breakout Novel Contest.

So I have officially submitted Songs My Father Taught Me to Amazons Breakout Novel Contest. Essentially the contest is a four part process that is open to 10,000 entrants.  There are Five Categories that you can choose from to enter your novel into.  General Fiction, Mystery/Thriller,Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, Romance, and Young Adult.  It took me quite some time to decide whether to enter it into Scifi/fantasy or the Young Adult categories.  It was a difficult decision because i strongly consider my novel a scifi or urban fantasy novel.  However my protagonist is 15.  And much of the story revolves around his growth  and development after a traumatic event.  So i decided to look at what designation some best sellers would have gotten and regardless of any mystical or fantasy elements most of them, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, Percy Jackson, would have been Young Adult So i followed suit.  The first portion of the contest is judged on the pitch for the book.  This is actually the part I am most afraid of.  I had a very very difficult time trying to grind my book down to 300 catchy words or less.  I am still a little concerned that it is not strong enough to gain me entry into the next part of the contest.  I am arrogant enough to believe that the excerpt which is the second portion of the contest is catchy enough to get me to the third portion.  Honestly If i make it to the third portion i would be happy with that because at that stage you get a critical review of your work from Amazon’s editors which for someone writing a series like me is great because now they are checking for my name.  You also get mentioned as part of the competition and so instead of being relelgated to the ‘you have to actively search for this book to see it section’ i will get moved to a much more visible portion of the website enabling me to garner better sales.  The fourth portion is a semifinalist day in Seattle or some other such city in which the winner is announced.  There is a winner for each category and a grand prize winner.  The category winners each receive 15000 dollars and a publishing deal.  And the grand prize winner gets 50.000 and a deal.  While that would be a blessing, I don’t count on things like that.  I just hope to get a little more exposure for what i feel is a decent product.  so here hoping.  I will post my Pitch later.  


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