Book 2

So I just received the first paperback copy of my book the other day. There were massive problems with it, much more so than the ebook copy.  But such is the learning curve.  I have since fixed 90% of said problems and managed to lower the price on the damn thing to a much more reasonable twelve dollars. Now that I have fixed those issues and created a viable paperback I am reconsidering my choice to join kindles select plan.  I haven’t seen any return on that investment yet, ie increased fan base.  However, I realize that since I plan to write a series signing up for that plan was actually really smart. Although I can only sell on Amazon currently, I can do a free offer when the next book comes out.  It has also given me a deadline in which to finish and publish the next book.  So i have officially sent my first two chapters to my editor.  The book is no where near completion but having already lost my self publishing virginity I know what to do to prepare for it better. Already started advertising on a couple sites with a preview  up on Create Space.  really its just paradise circus(with the names put back in, Previews on that site are public domain and until you remove the preview they can do what they want with it.  I need to have more control over my work than that Express written permission and what not.  Ps. did you know you have to create your own copyright page.  That’s just kray.  PPS. mazletof (sp?) to Kimye West.  So as of right now planned release date is sometime in March.  Hella Ambitious.   Updates to follow more singles coming soon.  I may have to slow down how often they are released but i will try to keep them coming.  


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