SMFTM Singles This Boy

This Boy

            Lee walked back into his room at the end of the day.  The classes here had been more difficult than the ones he breezed through at Manhattan High.  He pulled the tie loose just enough to slip it over his head.  Steve had never had a reason to teach him to tie a tie and he hadn’t felt comfortable enough to ask anyone here to teach him.  He looked around at the barren walls that now marked his home and his prison.  He had yet to find a computer lab so he could contact Steve.  His cell phone according to Dr. B had been destroyed when he accidentally destroyed that hotel room. 

            Someone, probably Brian, had slipped a print out from the New York Times under his door.  The Headline read Midtown hotel destroyed during lightning storm.  The picture showed the corner of the hotel blown out toward the top of the building. Smoke billowed out the window.  The picture was a camera phone photo from a nearby building. It was grainy but it looked there was a figure standing in the hollowed out room holding something.  

            “He’s holding me ma.  I did that.”  The asshole author of the article decided he would sell more papers if he used the T word.  Despite the police and arson investigators insuring the public that it had been a freak accident and not an act of terrorism, this author thought that any high rise damage post 9/11 would make for sensational reporting.  Sadly he had been right. 

            Lee had no clue what Dr. B had done to convince the reporters to keep his name out of the paper.  They hadn’t even printed that the room had been occupied or booked. The police had come to question him yesterday.  So everyone knew he caused it.  Lee wasn’t sure but he felt like one of the officers was hinting that he should blame it on Dr. B, but he honestly didn’t remember enough about what happened to do that.  The FBI agent that had come with them seemed determined to provoke Lee into doing it again.   He got close before Dr. B put a stop to that line of questioning.  They left soon after, the FBI agent smiling at Lee. 

            Lee put the newspaper clipping on his desk and started to take off his uniform.  He was scheduled to meet J.E. and the others later and needed to try to get some of his homework done before then.  He wished he were back in his own room instead of this eggshell colored cell.  

            “I’m sure you had your reasons mom but I’m scared.  I don’t know these people; I don’t know what to do. I wish you were here. “Lee said to the air as he fought to rein in the tears.  He shook himself and pulled his homework out and got to work. 

This Boy by James Morrison

-Manny L Birch(aspiring author)


2 thoughts on “SMFTM Singles This Boy

  1. I like that, it was cute. Not that Lee needed humanizing but there ren’t a lot of moments like this in the book. He is too focused on surviving and figuring everything (or anything) out.

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