SMFTM Singles- Paradise Circus

Paradise Circus
(to avoid confusion HIM/HE=man, him/he=Strange man purposely not including names.)
She slowly danced up to him as he lay naked on the bed. The short black skirt danced up and down her thighs as she moved The buttons on her white blouse strained to keep her contained in it. The strange man looked up at her with eager anticipatory eyes. She continued to dance closer to him as she opened buttons on her top revealing a black and red bra. The matching panties had already been tossed to the side. The door to the room, which she had left open upon her return was now occupied by the Man.
She slowly climbed atop the strange man straddling his chest as she continued to tease him. She slowly removed her shirt and tossed it to the side of the bed almost hitting the Ipod softly playing music from the nightstand. She used the nail on her index finger to lightly drag a nail down his chest. The strange man flexed his hips in anticipation of what was to come. The woman pulled her hair from the tie holding it back. Fire engine red waves spilled down her shoulders to the middle of her back.
“Lust indeed.” The Man whispered to himself. He smiled as his brain and his body remembered being the one under her.
The Man continued to smile and shook HIS head, releasing HIS own dark hair from the tie that bound it. HE slowly wound his index finger in a circle turning the music up louder. HE began to dance up to the back of the woman, hidden from the strange man’s view. He reached the woman wrapped his arm around her chest across her breasts. She looked over her shoulder and realized it was HIM and smiled. HE pulled her to HIS chest and smiled down at the strange man. The strange man’s eyes bulged with fear. He tried to move but was trapped between their legs. His body immediately wilted. The Man started dancing again, forcing the woman to join his rhythm. Some of the fear leaked out of the strange man’s eyes but he was still wary and confused. The whole time the Man maintained eye contact with the strange man. HE licked the side of her neck and slowly bit on her ear lobe as HE wound his hand into that thick flaming hair. HE pulled back so that she had her head resting on HiS shoulder. Mouth still at her ear HE whispered loud enough for the strange man to hear.
“How could I love a whore?” HE pushed her back onto the strange man’s chest. HE began to leave the room and turned back to see her staring at HIM with tears in her eyes. He laughed
“Have fun big guy.” HE said to the strange man as he left the room. The strange man unfortunately picked that moment to try to free himself again. She turned rage filed eyes on him and with far beyond human strength began to beat on his chest. Soon the tears that streaked off her face were tinted red with his blood. The strange man’s screams had died away long ago but she could still hear HIS laughter playing over the song he had left on repeat.

Paradise Circus by Massive Attack.
-Manny L. Birch(aspiring Author)


2 thoughts on “SMFTM Singles- Paradise Circus

  1. Wow that was rough! And interesting. It was alittle confusing but I assume the Him character is another Deadly Sin? Very intriguing since we dont know much about that aspect of the story yet.

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