Stray thoughts

So I feel the need to explain they SMFTM Singles. They serve a couple of different purposes for me. The first being a marketing tool to attempt to get people interested in my writing through samples. The second and probably more useful to me as the writer and not as the marketing executive, is that they help me get my ideas out quickly. For me good ideas are like good tea, if you let them brew too little time its not quite right too much and it turns into something else. The last is that reason I find the singles useful is that for quite some time, I have been mentally creating music videos for various songs throughout the years and having this avenue to share it with other people makes me happy. A friend of mine commented on the Single for Makes me Wonder. He simply told me that it was not a scene he would have ever imagined based off that song. And while I believe he meant it as a compliment even if it was a negative it reminds me that my point of view is unique and I don’t need to force creativity because I’m already thinking left of everyone else. I think that is one reason I love upbeat break up songs. Their true meaning is always a left turn from the melody. Like cursing someone out with a smile on your face


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