As an aspiring writer you always hear about the massive amounts of editing that has to be done your piece before it is ready.  What you don’t hear about is the massive amount of editing that takes place after you think its ready and the fact that there are multiple FORMS of editing to be done.  Continuity.  Does your piece make sense, are the names of all the characters consistent.(a fact I screwed up in the first single lol) are the ages of the characters consistent with the amount of time passing, when is everyones birthdays what do they look like, did his hair grow, who are his family members, what did he learn at the beginning of the novel that may come up at the end. and any other random piece of personal history you have given one of your characters.  Grammar pretty self explanatory.  Unless your computers spell and grammar check sucks donkey and keeps changing things back to the settings it just told you to change it from thus ensuring you have NO clue when it is appropriate to use ITS versus IT’s.  Also it keeps pointing out colloquialisms as errors when you did it on purpose.  Although it does give you an excuse to make one characters grammar worse than the others on purpose.  Content the scary bear.  Most people think Grammar is the scary bear because they hate it.  But no, its the side of asparagus.  You may not like it but if you’re lucky someone else might snatch it off your plate.  But Content is all you.  You have to decide what is important and what isn’t. You have to decide if you want to just scrap an entire chapter from the middle of the book because it doesn’t add anything meaningful. you have to decide if you want to kill off a mother, add a grandmother and father, or upgrade a character from Neville Longbottom to Ron Weasley.  No one can really tell you if those are good ideas or not.  They can comment after you have done it but once you do it, its like setting fire to paper.  It will never be the same object again even if you put the fire out. characters and plot changes like fire change things forever.  But once you think all of those different forms of editing are done. and you think you are ready you have to repeat the process.  Then face the asshole neighbor of editing which is formatting.  how do you want it to appear. are you going to go back and try to get proper hyperlinks for your chapters.  will the conversion process complete randomize massive amounts of indents so that you have to go back and correct these issues.  And then when you have done that you have to complete the editing process again.  and then double check your formatting again.  So that is where I am.  At the asshole neighbors house drinking nasty ass tea. 

-Manny L Birch (aspiring author)


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